Some Aids for the Elderly

Just because someone is elderly or disabled or otherwise handicapped doesn’t mean that they can’t do everything someone else can. They just need a little extra help in getting things done, and thankfully enough inventors seem to recognize that and have created aids to help them out.

Everything from navigating stairs to turning on lights is now fully available with home mobility aids and can help out a handicapped person with no trouble, but if you don’t have the money to spend on the fancy stuff, then some DIY items will work just as well for your trouble.

One of these items is a slicer that will keep your hands safe from any cuts or slips. A normal cutting board has a hole drilled into its end and a screw is placed inside, then a wooden block is attached to the tip of a knife with another screw. This essentially turns the knife into a lever, where the block will hold the knife in place.

Then the person can manipulate the knife like a lever and make one handed chopping motions to cut at the item.

A second aid was a portable stair step that could be carried by a cane, so if you need an extra boost you don’t need to bend and pick up a stepstool, and yet it is also light enough to be carried comfortably and only offer a small boost.

These are only a few of the DIY aids that can be made with a little bit of know-how and some ingenuity. They are easy to build, but also offer a lot of help and practically for the person who is receiving the items.

home mobility aids

So if you are able, take some time and materials to make one of these DIY items, because everyone will benefit from it.