Proper Workplace Attire

Most people never give thought to the type of attire civic professionals must wear to work. The office workplace dress code is pretty standard, and most individuals know how to dress for an interview at a law firm or commercial store. Interviewing is just one part of getting the job, but what about once you’ve got the job? If you’ve ever wondered what firefighters and police officers wear, continue reading.


Firefighters wear official gear to protect their skin from harsh flames and keep them from breathing in smoke and other chemicals. The typical uniform consists of insulated boots with steel covering, a cotton shirt, insulated leather gloves, a helmet, a hood, an insulated jacket with spring hooks and Velcro, padded and insulated pants with pockets and spring hooks, and suspenders to hold it all together.


high end scrubs

The uniform nurses wear depends on the type of work they are doing, but most often they will be wearing high end scrubs. Scrubs give nurses sterilization and keeps contaminants from being hidden on clothing. They also wear clogs or non-slip sneakers to prevent them from slipping on wet floors while working. Face masks are put on throughout the day depending on their duties, and gloves are worn and changed whenever they must come into contact with bodily fluids or DNA and sterile instruments.

Nuclear Scientists

Scientists are known for wearing a white lab coat and gloves. Sleeves are encouraged to be rolled up, so they don’t spill from under the coat and potentially come into contact with chemicals. Long pants and closed-toed closed-back shoes are encouraged within labs. Goggles are worn whenever they deal with chemicals, and hair should be tied back.

Uniforms are essential to assure the safety of each professional while they perform their job. Civil workers save lives and work wonders each day by doing their duty and protecting citizens.