Drug & Alcohol Abuse Support Online

You should know that if you are spending more on alcohol than on essentials such as food and toiletries from your available month to month income, you have a drinking problem. You should know that should your monthly income run dry as early as the second week of the month, you may have a serious problem. It gets worse unfortunately. High and dry in the middle of the month, you are left with anger and frustration, not being able to cope with your withdrawal symptoms.

You should also know that you still have a serious problem if you allow complacency to set in while you cast an unjustifiably judgmental eye on those near to you who have serious issues with drugs, even if it’s been prescribed to them by uncaring or dismissive medical practitioners. It gets worse if these fellow sufferers are abusing themselves with harmful drugs that are not only illegal, they threaten the very existence of your life.

Yes, even yours, even though you may not be enslaved to drugs. Because their behavior, often irrational, affects you. And your neglect affects those caring individuals in your close proximity. Even if you are living alone, you should take care. Now, currently you may be extremely unhappy, feeling so helpless and disillusioned, not knowing what to do about your drug or alcohol (or both) problem, not knowing who or what to turn to.

online drug and alcohol course

You think that no-one really cares, and sometimes it feels as though you don’t really care either. But do cheer up because help is readily available. To make matters easier for you, you can register for an online drug and alcohol course. The same goes for you if you are under the weather with gambling or sex addictions.